Candle Musical Film

Over three days in July, 2017 under the direction of Andrea Shreeman, a committed cast and crew came together for principle photography.

STORY SYNOPSIS: Through the support of her community, a victim of domestic violence taps into her own strength and triumphs over the haunting shadow of abuse.

Jamae on set at Wayfarer

Jamee Mae Kyson, aka: Jamae, Singer/Songwriter

Jamee raised over $6000.00 from friends and family to make the film for Candle. Over a three day period in July 2017, we captured the material needed to create a visual story for Jamae's anthem about unifying to heal.

Johanna Watts stars as a woman recovering from domestic abuse.

A stellar cast came together to bring Candle to life!

Click below to see behind the scenes photos from the Candle shoot. Our cast included lead performances from these gifted actors: Johanna Watts, Michael Shaw Fisher, Oge Egbuonu, Ethan Rains, James Kyson, Jinous Khadivian, Haize Hawke, Celeste Verduzco and Ever Scott.


R --> L  Andrea Shreeman, Director / Dave Perry, Cinematographer / Ryan Altman, Gaffer King

Thanks to our hardworking and talented crew.

11 crew members gathered from LA, Arizona and Virginia to contribute their gifts to Candle. For more info on our stellar team, click below.